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Hey there!

Are there any metro-Detroit area queers who would like to come talk about queerness to some middle schoolers in a rad sex-ed class?

The program is called OWL, which stands for Our Whole Lives. It’s a wonderful, inclusive Unitarian Universalist curriculum that I went through myself,…

This is a fantastic program.  Sadly, I an unable to be a panelist, but maybe some of you are, or know someone who could be.

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On Jaime Lannister: My thoughts, as they currently stand, deeply disjointed

I don’t want to have to be thinking about shades of rape.  This is not a conversation I wanted to be having with myself.  So, you know, thanks for that.

As a caveat, I am a strong proponent of the “enthusiastic consent” standard, in real life and in fiction.  I don’t believe in “sort of rape” vs. “actual rape-rape” distinctions.

So, when Breaker of Chains aired (or, rather, I watched it on HBOGo), I went in with a vague idea, based on things people were saying on Tumblr, that Problematic Changes had been made to the Sept Scene.  Given the changes in the timeline, changes were inevitable, but I tried to go in with as open a mind as I could.

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Thank you, Sam.

( Seriously, I want a Cap belly warmer. )


Steve shows up to an Avengers meeting in August wearing a red white and blue scarf that hangs down nearly to his knees, with little pieces of yarn sticking out anywhere there’s a color change. When Tony stares, Steve shrugs. “Bucky hasn’t figured out how to weave in ends yet,” he says, toying with one of the errant pieces. “Pretty good though, right?” 

Tony says nothing. Tony’s not sure there’s anything to say, except, maybe, that knitting needles sound pretty fucking dangerous in the hands of the Winter Soldier. 

In September, Natasha pulls her tablet out of a black knit pouch with red edging; in October, Sam’s wearing a pair of thick grey fingerless gloves, little black wings adorning the tops. Clint comes home one day November wearing deep purple arm warmers, and a few days later Bruce walks by wearing the exact same ones in green. By December, Thor’s storing Mjolnir in a little silver knitted sack, and when Steve and Bucky show up for the Christmas party in matching handmade sweaters, holding hands and generally looking much more like something out of an adorable Hallmark commercial than Tony would’ve guessed upon meeting Barnes six months ago, he has to admit it: he’s hurt. 

"I am not hurt," he hisses at Pepper, when she finds him sulking. "I am — confused. And! Cold! If Barnes is going to knit things for the entire team then, I mean, whatever, I don’t care. I’m just saying, it’s not exactly fair, is it? Everyone getting something and me—” 

"Tony," Pepper interrupts, giving him her gentlest exasperated eyeroll, "Bucky left something for us in the foyer." 

It’s a blanket, as it turns out, red and gold striped. Pepper wraps around her shoulders immediately and refuses to give it back, even when Tony tugs her into a kiss and tries to use the distraction to steal it off her. It looks awesome, though, and it feels pretty damn comfortable for the, like, eight seconds Tony gets his hands on it before Pepper sails away, still wearing it around her shoulders. Huh.

Tony sidles up to Steve at the next Avengers meeting. “Hey,” Tony says, “you were right: your boy’s pretty good with a needle. You think he could make a hat that says ‘War Machine Rox,’ spelled with an X? I need a good birthday present for Rhodey.”

Steve beams at him. 

What does it say about me that my first two thoughts were:

1) Fuck Yeah, Knitting!

2) Hey, BJOT! OT represent!

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Bran’s Vision in 4.02

I didn’t see one of this anywhere, so I did it myself.  Yes, there is a time bar at the bottom of each.  That’s a check so that I keep them in order.  h/t to Tormund Giantsbane for putting it up on YouTube.

So, we start with 

A Weirwood in the snow


Transition through a shot of tree roots to the three-eyed raven


Who flies off to the right


Into crypts?  As a book-reader, I’m going to guess the crypts at Winterfell


We pop to black, then

Ice being sharpened


A torch flares in the darkness


Close-up of Ned’s eye, looking to the side with a torch reflected in it


Time-lapse of clouds moving over a twilit snowscape with a setting sun.


And back to the tree.  Note the weird henge-y stones around it.  Anyone recognize it?


“Look for me” (Man’s voice.  Accented.  Not one I immediately recognized.  Anyone else?)

Flying corvid in front of a green tree


lands on a branch


Weirwood face


Some dude in black with tan leggings standing in a snowy forest, facing away from us


We start to hear several corvids at this point

Closer shot of the same dude, turning toward us, but his face is never visible 


Corvids, flying towards us! In the woods in the dark.  One’s voice becomes more distinct, and it flies right at us


More tree roots.


And the Tree again



“Beneath the tree” (Same dude’s voice)

Creepy shot of a horse’s head with chains and muscle showing.


The throne room, covered in falling snow, with the roof gone.


Flash to white 

Crystals?  Whatever the fuck this is…something moving in the background, in the black space on the left.  A face?


“He saw us” (Cersei)

Corvid flying at us


Bran falling


A dragon’s shadow over King’s Landing


More Bran falling

The Tree, now in shadow


Another shot of the tree, further in shadow


“North” (Same dude’s voice)

And that’s it.

I’ll edit with updates/clarifications if people notice things I didn’t (I promise to h/t).  Any insights?

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Favourite jokes

  • Referring to any four-legged animal as a weird dog
  • Massively underestimating the number of nearly uncountable objects
  • Massively overestimating the number of clearly countable objects
  • Bad puns in TV episode titles

I find this unspeakably funny.  And I don’t think it’s just because wine.

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Let It Go Meme

Ok, Tumblr, I was studiously avoiding all iterations of the Let It Go meme until after seeing the movie.  I have now seen the movie.  What are the very best cover/spoof/what have yous that I simply must see?

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why do people say “don’t be a pussy” when talking about weakness more like “don’t be a man’s ego” because you know there isn’t nothing more fragile than that


because “pussy” is the shortened form of the word “pusillanimous”, which means “timid, cowardly”

and not the slang word for the female genital region?

literally no one else knows this. nobody. 

Nobody knows it because it’s not true.  Even wikipedia doesn’t believe it:

It has been informally suggested in folk etymology that it is a shortened form of the word “pusillanimous”, which comes from Latin words meaning “tiny spirit” and is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “showing a lack of courage or determination” or cowardly. Though this meaning would seem to be consistent with the intention of the word “pussy” when used as an insult toward a man, it is a false cognate unrelated to the Germanic derivations ofpuss and pussy.”

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